Brighton Park Youth-Led Kermes: Pozole, Games, and Honoring Family Time

Brighton Park Youth-Led Kermes: Pozole, Games, and Honoring Family Time
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Karina Martinez
Communications Coordinator

On a sunny Saturday morning outside of Kelly College Prep, our team of Youth Life Coaches and Leaders of Tomorrow youth hosted their first Kermes! 

Tables decorated with colorful papel picado or perforated paper with intricate designs adorned each of the resource and activity tables. 

One beautiful way to share community with one another is through food. Pozole simmered, being stirred occasionally by Lula, promotora de salud, next to a table filled with toppings like onions, oregano, shredded cabbage, and salsa, made with love by Carmen Barragan, health promoters manager. Neighbors sat on colorful tables, getting to know one another while children adventured to the game stations a couple feet away. 

From game stations to food and resource tables, the packed parking lot was bustling with energy. a purple and orange altar decorated with paper flowers, sugar skulls, and photos. Residents were invited to paint and decorate their own skull and place it onto the altar in memory of a loved one who has passed on. 

With a microphone in hand, two youth from Leaders of Tomorrow opened the event, asking individuals to browse the different organizations providing a variety of resources, participate in an art and crafts activity, warm up with a bowl of pozole, and enter the day’s raffle. 

The space filled with laughter, conversation, and joy as youth ran around the parking lot, neighbors conversed over soup, and music played over the area.

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