Beyond the Classroom: Celebrating the Holidays with Parent Mentors!

Beyond the Classroom: Celebrating the Holidays with Parent Mentors!
Featured contributors:
Jazmin Cerda
Parent Mentor Organizer

Returning Gratitude

We organized mentors at each school alongside their children to clean up the leaves and trash around their school area. This project was in honor of Thanksgiving, paying it forward to our schools communities. A total of 42 parent mentors, volunteers, students participated in this event at 9 schools.

Holiday Brunch

Coordinators at each school organized a  Secret Santa gift exchange among their mentors.  We had delicious food and dessert followed by raffles and so much laughter.

Santa is Coming to Town!

Representative Edgar González dressed up as Santa and visited classrooms that  have parent mentors. A total of 886 students were able to sing, ask questions and take pictures with Santa. With this project we were able to spread holiday cheer, hope and smiles.

Holiday Smiles

This year we had the opportunity to write letters to Cancer patients at Northwestern Hospital. With the purpose of giving them some encouraging words of HOPE.  Each  mentor adopted 1 patient and gifted them a small present with so much love. A total of 79 present and letters were distributed to women with cancer ages 24 to 75 years old.

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