Our mission

The Brighton Park Neighborhood Network (BPNN) seeks to build the capacity of our community to dramatically improve outcomes for every resident by providing comprehensive support in  Violence Prevention, education, health, and employment. Officially launched with financial support from the United Way of Metro Chicago in 2012, the BPNN was the first neighborhood network within the city of Chicago. The coalition has since evolved from just a handful of community partners to a network of over 70 member organizations which include other social service providers, neighborhood schools, local elects and law enforcement, small businesses, and other community stakeholders.
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Our coalitions goals

In accordance with the collective impact framework that guides our work, the BPNN is grounded in the belief that we are best equipped to challenge social injustice and promote holistic well-being within our community when diverse stakeholders come together to leverage their strengths, resources, and expertise. Informed by a comprehensive understanding of the specific needs of community residents, our coalition aims to achieve the following goals.
Promote the holistic well-being of all Brighton Park residents.

We recognize that medical, emotional, social, and material resource needs are integrally connected and cannot be addressed in isolation. If we are to truly carry out our mission of creating a thriving neighborhood for all, it is essential that we facilitate access to the supportive services necessary to address community members’ range of needs. Through our coalition that spans the areas of health, education, violence prevention, and financial stability, we aim to enhance community capacity to connect individuals and families with the support that they need to attain optimal well-being.

Dismantle structural inequities.

We acknowledge that at the national, state, and local levels, harmful immigration policies and disinvestment in public safety net and social welfare programs severely limit the extent to which community members can access resources and opportunities needed to thrive. At the same time that our coalition works to enhance our community’s social service infrastructure, we simultaneously aim to challenge the policies and systems that negatively impact our neighborhood. To this end, we are actively involved in a multitude of community-led advocacy campaigns, including initiatives to: make Chicago a true sanctuary city for undocumented and Black communities; facilitate access to affordable and comprehensive health insurance for undocumented immigrant adults; fight for a living wage and progressive revenue solutions; and increase investment in public mental health services in the city of Chicago. Through our involvement in these advocacy campaigns, we aim to transform the social systems that create barriers for neighborhood prosperity and prevent optimal wellness for community members.

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Learn more about the range of services our BPNN partners provide in the areas of Education, Medical Care, Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being, Youth Violence Prevention, Financial Support, Public Benefits Enrollment, and Job Training and Employment.
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