BPNC's 14th Annual Youth Summit

BPNC's 14th annual youth summit hosted over fifteen one-hour workshops this year. These included campaigns such as #TreatmentNotTrauma, #StopShotspotter, and Immigration Justice, which were led by local community leaders. BPNC's community health and wellness department also hosted workshops on Stress Management, Healthy Relationships, Depression & Anxiety, Poetry & Self Care, and Goal Planning for Youth. In addition, our BPNC Health Promoters hosted a Yoga class and Cooking lessons, while our Financial Services department conducted workshops on Money Management. With the support of Richard J Daley College, we also hosted workshops focused on exposing students to emerging technologies and career paths related to innovative technologies and manufacturing.

Community organizers Jose Manuel and Nouha Boundaoui from Únete La Villita led a workshop called #StopShotspotter. The workshop aimed to help students in the Chicago area achieve their dreams of a just and equitable city by providing them with a platform to voice their opinions and concerns. The workshop also introduced the #CancelShotspotter campaign, which advocates removing Shotspotter technology from Chicago neighborhoods. Through this workshop, students were encouraged to take an active role in shaping the future of Chicago by exploring new ideas and gaining a deeper understanding of the issues facing their communities. Students were provided with valuable tools and resources that they could use to create a better future for themselves and their communities. By applying what they have learned, students can help to build a more just and equitable Chicago.

During the 14th annual BPNC Youth Summit, the Student Voice Committee (SVC) student leaders from Burroughs, Brighton Park, and Davis Elementary took charge of the event, facilitating and engaging over 250 students in games and raffles during the opening and closing sessions. The SVC members did a fantastic job, and we are grateful for their excellent leadership skills and hard work. We feel lucky to have many influential student leaders enthusiastic about building youth power. These young leaders are the future of our community, and it is inspiring to see them come together to make a positive impact. We are grateful to all the youth leaders who offered their free time and shared their brilliant ideas with the community.

We want to thank all the workshop session facilitators for helping us cultivate a joyful and generative gathering with young people. We recognize the immense value these workshops provided to our young attendees, and we are grateful for the knowledge and skills the facilitators shared. Furthermore, we extend our gratitude to the teachers and administrators who generously offered their time to support the coordination of the event. We appreciate their dedication to our community's youth and commitment to making this year's summit successful.

We want to thank all the student attendees from Brighton Park Elementary, Columbia Explorers, Shields Middle, Davis, and Burroughs Elementary. We hope you enjoyed this year's summit and look forward to seeing you again next year!

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