Parent Mentors
As part of our community school model, BPNC partners with Davis Elementary School, Brighton Park Elementary School, Burroughs Elementary School, Gunsaulus Scholastic Academy, Shields Elementary School, Shields Middle School, Columbia Explorers, and Velma Thomas Early Childhood Center to run the Parent Mentor Program, a nationally recognized program that empowers parents to be active participants in the school community by building deep and lasting relationships between students, teachers, and parents.

At each school, eight parents assist teachers for two hours every day. Parents work with students through one-on-one and small group activities to provide an added level of attention and support. Before entering the classroom, parent mentors participate in a weeklong training to gain knowledge of the classroom environment, which continues for the year. Parents can receive a stipend through the program after reaching 100 volunteer hours.

Partnered schools with BPNC parent mentors:

  • Shields Middle
  • Shields Elementary
  • Burroughs Elementary
  • Brighton Park Elementary
  • Davis Elementary
  • Velma Thomas Early Childhood Center
  • Columbia Explorers Academy
  • Gunsaulus Scholastic Academy
  • Calmeca Academy of Fine Arts