BPNC Youth Summit
BPNC youth summit is a day-long event which brought together over 400 students from six schools in the Brighton Park community to discuss and tackle challenges faced by young people in the area. The summit was organized entirely by middle school students with the support of the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, and featured workshops led by community leaders and resource providers.
BPNC's 14th annual youth summit hosted over fifteen one-hour workshops this year. These included campaigns such as #TreatmentNotTrauma, #StopShotspotter, and Immigration Justice, which were led by local community leaders.

"We believe that involving youth in our work is essential to creating a stronger, more equitable community."

Our goal is to Collaborate with young leaders to create a space where youth can be at the center of community improvement efforts. Our students had the opportunity to voice their opinions and share insights with their peers in the neighborhood, and we were excited to see them leave with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

For more information or to get involved, contact Vanessa Dominguez, Youth Organizer - at vdominguez@bpncchicago.org