Parent Organizers
BPNC holds monthly parent meetings at 7 schools across the community organized by parent health promoters. Meetings cover a variety of issues and engage parents at each school in campaigns to strengthen neighborhood schools and the community.

Additionally, parents across Brighton Park organize a network of Parent Patrols comprising 250+ volunteers. These parents ensure the safety of students on their way to and from school. Parents also participate in local CAPS meetings and engage local alderman in violence prevention initiatives on the Southwest side. Our parents also engage with students, serving as Parent Mentors.

We engage hundreds of parents at neighborhood schools in political education and leadership development training throughout the school year and support leadership teams at each school.

Our Campaigns

We believe in building power and uplifting the voices of youth, undocumented folks, people of color, and other marginalized identities without decision-making ability. Our ongoing campaigns aim to address the inequities faced by our community, including Treatment Not Trauma, Free the Funds, ICIRR, City Budget, and Cancel Shotspotter.
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