Comprando Rico y Sano

We partner with UnidosUS to fund our Comprando Rico y Sano program. Comprando Rico y Sano promotes healthy eating habits and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program.

Our Comprando Rico y Sano promotras: ​

Host nutrition workshops provided with our "promotoras" (health promotors)

Conduct grocery tours. The grocery tours include a $5 healthy meal challenge. Participants purchase supplies to make a healthy meal for four people with spending only $5. This meal can be breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Lead healthy cooking demos. These cooking demos teach participants how to make a healthy and affordable home-cooked meals.

Promote and enroll eligible participants to the SNAP program. Our goal is to increase enrollment of Latino families that are eligible for the program). We enroll 1,000 families a year.

Contact Berenice Flores at for more information.

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