Public Safety and Violence Prevention Committee

The BPNN Public Safety Committee focuses on facilitating access to social and emotional supportive services among Brighton Park youth and families, in order to prevent incidents of family and community violence. We recognize that when supportive services are not available to individuals who have witnessed or directly experienced violent acts, untreated trauma may perpetuate ongoing cycles of violence.

Our coalition thus aims to interrupt cycles of violence by promoting opportunities for individual, familial, and collective healing. With the bold goal of decreasing violence and abuse in our families and neighborhood by 60%, our Public Safety Committee members focus their efforts on the following initiatives:

  • Providing counseling services to individuals and families who have been impacted by domestic violence
  • Delivering psychoeducational workshops focused on preventing family violence and abuse for Brighton Park students, parents, and staff at neighborhood public schools
  • Creating a safe passage for children and youth traveling to and from school
  • Offering mentoring services, employment support, and leadership development opportunities for neighborhood youth
  • Advocating for the creation of safe spaces for youth to take part in enrichment and socialization activities.

Committee Co-chairs: Aaron Rivas, New Life Centers and Maria Franco, Community Member and BPNC Health Promoter

  • We increased access to counseling services for domestic violence survivors, serving a total of 80 individuals.
  • A total of 90 parents from local neighborhood schools participated in psychoeducational workshops.
  • 75 youth participated in services through our street outreach and mentoring program, of whom 45.50% demonstrated a reduction in risk factors or an increase in protective factors.
  • We provided 75 young people with summer jobs, of whom 88% successfully completed the employment program.
  • A combined total of 187 safe passage workers and volunteer parent patrollers contributed to the safety of our community.
Our Committees Goals + Strategies

Bold Goal: Decrease violence and abuse (physical, verbal, emotional) in our families and neighborhood by 60%. We will achieve this through parenting groups, case management work, and increasing employment and educational opportunities.

Outcome Metrics:

# of incidents of domestic violence
# of violent incidents in Brighton Park
# of students who drop out of Kelly College Preparatory

  • Domestic Violence Counseling
  • Youth Leadership Development
  • Parent Support Services
  • Safe Passage Program
  • Street Outreach & Mentoring Program
  • Restorative Justice Case Management
  • Trauma and Restorative Justice Trainings for teachers and parents
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