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Youth Summit

Brighton Park Neighborhood Council organizes an annual Violence Prevention Youth Summit. The

goal of the Youth Summit is to create awareness about different issues that are affecting youth in our

community, which include, Violence Prevention, Educational Justice, Mental Health and Leadership. The

Youth Summit takes place at a University Campus to promote Higher Education among the students who

attend the Youth Summit.

The summit focused on Violence Prevention issues that affect youth and it provided them with a safe

space to gain knowledge about these issues. The Youth Summit is organized by the BPNC Youth

Leadership Council (YLC) with the help of a BPNC staff. Last year 450 seventh and eighth grade students

from Brighton Park Elementary School, Burroughs Elementary, Columbia Explorers Academy, Davis

Elementary, Evergreen Academy Middle School, Gunsaulus Scholastic Academy, and Shields Middle

School attended.

Attendees had the opportunity to participate in workshops with the following topics: bullying/cyber

bullying, college readiness, domestic violence, eating disorders, gang violence, gender equality,

Immigrant rights, LGBTQ equality, mental health and depression, sexual assault and sexual harassment,

racial justice, substance abuse, and teen pregnancy.

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