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Southwest Chicago Public School Coalition

Southwest Chicago Public School Coalition (SWCPSC) is a coalition of public schools, both elementary and secondary, who have united to ensure the sustainability and vitality of public education on the Southwest side of Chicago. The coalition, which launched in April 2016,  includes students, parents, administrators, teachers, counselors and LSC representatives from 14 local CPS public schools.

SWCPS is committed to ensuring every family’s right to a high quality, supportive neighborhood school that serves every student regardless of income, race, gender, (dis)ability, or language.

The coalition works to:

1. Prevent further budget cuts to CPS schools and social service

2. Halt charter expansion

3. Ensure equitable funding for all public schools in Southwest Chicago and the necessary capital funds to rebuild our education infrastructure

4. Build the individual capacity of each participating school

5. Foster stronger elementary, secondary and higher-ed connections that strengthen the support offered to families to navigate the public school system, from early childhood to higher education.

Participating Schools:

Kelly High School, Solorio Academy High School, Hancock College Prep, Back of the Yards College Prep, Curie High School, Kennedy High School, Brighton Park Elementary, Burroughs Elementary, Shields Middle School, Shields Elementary School, Nathan Davis Elementary, Columbia Explorers Academy, Gunsaulus Academy, and Evergreen Academy.

Please contact Olivia Abrecht at for more details.

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