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A Summer of Youth Employment

As the summer winds down and students prepare to return to school, 70 youth workers from Brighton Park and the surrounding area are closing out their summer jobs with the One Summer Chicago program (OSC) and BPNC. Placed at various sites throughout the southwest side, BPNC’s youth workers got a taste of what a career in various fields could look like.

Youth interested in the health field were placed at sites such as the Brighton Park Animal Hospital or the Esperanza Health Clinic. Other students interested in education were placed at one of the various schools in Brighton Park such as Shields Middle or Davis Elementary. Some of our upperclassmen or high school graduates even got a chance to work in the downtown offices of organizations like the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and United Way.

When not at work, students attended trainings every Friday run by BPNC’s staff members on topics ranging from resume building to the history of Brighton Park. Trainings were meant to supplement their learning in the workplace to further their leadership and career development skills.

Friday, August 11 will mark the closing of our program with a celebration to congratulate the students in their accomplishments and to wish them good luck at the start of another school year.

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