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Escalera Youth Attend UnidosUS Summit

On March 20-23, the Unidos US Escalera Youth Summit took place in Washington D.C. Two Kelly High School students, Raul Rosas and Freddie Corona, attended with their Escalera facilitator, Lynda Lopez. Students were joining other youth from across the country, including California, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania.

While in the nation’s capital, students stayed at the Capitol Hilton a few blocks from The White House and participated in leadership building activities. Students discussed what it means to be a leader and heard from elected officials, including Congressman Jimmy Gomez. On Thursday night, students also attended the Unidos US Capital Awards, an annual gala where champions of the Latino community are recognized.

Students had some reflections to share about their experiences:

“The people from Congress and other important people really inspired me to do better in my future...staying in the hotel also got me thinking about staying in the dorms in college. I am thankful for the opportunity to travel and have new experiences in life.” - Freddie Corona

“I learned to see politics in a different view and how important it is to get more people like us into it. How important it is for people like us to take the opportunities that we can to be successful. I liked going and interacting with other people from different states. You can see the differences in the mindsets they all have because of where they live. When you put it all together, you learn something new. I would wish to go back again to revisit everyone.” - Raul Rosas

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