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Valentine's Day Train Takeover

This Valentine's Day, BPNC youth leaders led train takeovers on the Orange and Red CTA lines. They asked passengers to show their love for CPS students.

Students from Back of the Yards College Prep, Kelly High School, and Hancock College Prep called on the Mayor to stop his attacks on public, neighborhood schools in Chicago and went from car to car conducting mic checks and passing out flyers with the Mayor’s number and a Valentine’s Day Poem.

BPNC student leaders led this action in solidarity with students at Harper, Hope, TEAM Englewood, Robeson, and NTA who are facing school closures. Although CPS announced that Harper, Hope and Team Englewood would be phased out over 3 years, students remain determined to keep their schools open and are demanding investment so that their schools can become sustainable community schools.

The Valentine’s Day action was also in solidarity with #NoCopAcademy campaign’s efforts to demand investment in schools and communities rather than $95 million for a new police academy.

#RahmHatesUS #SaveOurSchools #NoCopAcademy

We the Students of the Southwest side

Are Sick and Tired

Of being treated as less of a priority


He has treated us

Like we don't matter

He takes money

From Our Schools

And Misuses it

He Closes All the schools In Englewood

But there’s always money

for a new Police School

That Ain't Right

That Ain't Right

Rahm Don't Love Us

Now It’s Time

To hold him accountable

CPS Claims

That students are a priority

That's a lie

It’s time to Show them

That we the students

Have a Voice

Please Join Us In Our Fight

For What’s Right

Call the Mayor

Tell Him to Save All Our Schools