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Kelly's Escalera Students Visit UIC

Kelly High School Escalera students visit UIC

On Friday, February 2nd, Kelly High School’s Escalera: Taking Steps to Success college and career readiness program visited the University of Illinois at Chicago. The 11th grade students in Escalera were joined by freshmen and sophomores who participate in BPNC’s college mentor program at Kelly High School.

“I really enjoyed going to UIC. Some particular things that I liked about the trip was the students that guided us to a variety of places like the dorms and the gym. I really recommend other kids visit the campus because it’s very unique and very fun to know about the campus.”

- Freddie, 11th grade Escalera student

The tour started with a visit to the Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services (LARES) center. The mission of LARES is “to empower students by providing personal growth and educational opportunities and to prepare leaders who will make individual and collective contributions toward the cultural and social advancement of the Latinx community.”

Our students met with two LARES advisors to learn more about what the program offers, and to ask questions about the UIC application process, possible majors and programs of study, and life on campus.

It's really exciting to know all the different types of options and opportunities one high school student could have, and the many courses one can take too! But besides that I really love the view of the school, and also the gym, cafe area, and the quite spaces for studying and doing work. I love the fact that if a student is in need of help LARES or academic advisors are there with open arms to help.”

- Cortney, 11th grade Escalera student

Kelly college mentors and UIC students Peter and Andres gave our students excellent tours of the campus.

Despite the chilliness of the day, our students were happy to walk all over campus to see the library, the recreation center, the Behavioral Sciences Building, the Education, Theater, Music and Social Work building, and the Student Center.