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Statement on Trump's Immigration Policy

Once again, the Trump administration fails to comprehend the complexities of immigration reform.

Last night, Trump proposed a xenophobic immigration policy that cuts family-based migration, ends the diversity visa, and increases funding for ICE. Trump’s immigration policy pits DACA recipients with other immigrants.

This is unacceptable!

“I and the other 11 million undocumented people deserve a pathway to citizenship. We deserve the opportunity to study, travel, and work without fear of deportation. Anything other than a clean DREAM Act supports the Trump administration’s xenophobic agenda.” - Nancy, BPNC Youth Leader

We will not allow Trump’s administration to use xenophobic tactics to target our immigrant community. We refuse Trump to use DACA youth as a bargaining chip.

Trump willfully decided to repeal DACA. Every day 122 youth lose their DACA status. Every day 122 youth are at-risk of deportation.

We want a clean #DREAMActNow!

We call on Senator Durbin and Senator Duckworth to support a clean DREAM Act.


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