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Youth share their #BPNCinDC experience, fighting for a clean #DREAMActNow

On December 6th, Olivia our youth organizer, departed to Washington, D.C. with 18 BPNC parent and students leaders to demand a clean DREAM Act. Below are a few stories from our youth leaders from Solorio Academy. Catch up on the #BPNCinDC action via Twitter Moments!

"I'm grateful for being given the opportunity to go to Washington D.C. and participate in the rally for a clean Dream Act. On this trip, I learned the importance of being unified and what the power of the people really is about. This group of people not only believe in change but believes in doing anything possible to make change happen while managing to overcome barriers. The situation with obtaining a clean Dream Act is not an easy one, but what mattered was how we chose to act upon it. We showed up to D.C. to show the government that we will continue to put up a fight until there is change. I feel that people have been tired of the fear we've lived through for so long (especially immigrants) and there finally cane the time to tell the government that out fear is gone and that we will not stop fighting." - Cynthia

"This trip taught me that I’m not alone. That there are many other students and people around the world that face the same problem and that if we all work as a team, we can achieve so many things. This trip also taught me that giving up isn’t a choice for me because we drove 14 hours to fight for what’s right. Also, I learned that we all deserve the same rights as others because we came here to have a better future." -Lisbet

"I never pictured taking this trip but I did realized that I have so much potential. What pushed me take this trip was knowing that it’s fair that after so long, they just expected us to stop. I don’t want my future to depend on a number nor a paper. I won’t give up, that’s not what I was taught I will fight this battle until we get what we deserve. These couple days I proved to myself that I went beyond my limits. This proves to me that I can do more than what is expected." - Lorena

"This trip taught me that I shouldn't be scared of speaking out for my community. I also learned that there are so many other people fighting for the same cause across different states. Even though there was fear initially in being part of this trip, it was the only place where I really felt safe." -Marli

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