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The Importance of Sharing Your Story #DREAMActNow

Maria is a BPNC youth leader and a member of Connecting Families, Safer Through Unity Program. On Saturday, December 2, Maria shared her story to Senator Dick Durbin. Learn more about our immigration work today.

Last week, I was able to be part of a meeting with Senator Durbin which was about the importance of a DREAM Act. I was able to share my personal story along with a couple other individuals who are in the same situation that I am as a DACA recipient.

It was an emotional experience because although everyone in that room had different stories of how they arrived to the United States as children, we all were there for one purpose. The purpose was so that we could try to change the opinion of those in Congress who are against a clean DREAM Act.

We were able to add more faces and stories to the DACA recipients that desperately need action from Congress. We shared all our fears and what it meant to have DACA ended this past September. We were able to show that although we were given another obstacle against our future, we are still finding ways to keep going and we are actively working to make a change for our situation.

Many people believe that the most important election is the presidential election. They are unaware that it’s very important to pressure their senator and representatives. They are the ones that will vote on proposals like the DREAM Act. They have to know that the people they are representing in congress want the DREAM Act in order for them to work harder to pass this law.

If we want change, we need to continue to talk to our senators, representatives and all public officials and share with them what we want them to support and the things that we want them to take action in!

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