Celebrating National Coming Out Day at Kelly High School

Peter is a BPNC college mentor at Kelly High School. Learn more about our Full Service Community Schools Initiative!

We commemorated National Coming Out Day and the March on Washington in 1987 for lesbian and gay rights at Kelly High School. We decided to work with Kelly High School to bring awareness to this day as a reminder that representation of diversity is important.

Everyone is different in a way but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't have same rights just like everybody else. As students, teacher, staff, community members, allies, etc. we should all be able to feel safe and a sense of belonging no matter who we are. This is why we decided to create a banner to show the love and support of the community to our many fellow LGBTQ+ individuals at Kelly High School.

Please support afterschool programs and full-service community schools. Donate to BPNC's school-based programs today!

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