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Employee Spotlight: Meet Eva

Learn about our new and veteran employees through this new employee spotlight series! Up first is Eva Ruiz. Eva is our new intake specialist/outreach staffer. Get to know more about Eva!

I was a parent mentor at Brighton Park Elementary School when I heard about a job opening in the Financial Services department. I am the triage person for clients looking for assistance with their mortgage payments, considering to buy a house, and wanting to improve their finances and credit.

Eva is the financial servicess staff member at Brighton Park Neighborhood Council

Favorite sports team: I cheer for the Blackhawks and the Mexico’s national soccer team.

Favorite Chicago activity: Architectural boat tours, the haunted boat tour is coming up soon!

Life-changing book: Cien años de soledad by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Favorite city: Cozumel, Mexico

What is something you want your coworkers to know about you?

I would say.... I am always smiling for everything!

Brighton Park Neighborhood Council Employee Spotlight

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