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Nancy's City Council Testimony #defendDACA

DACA is under attack. Since 2012, DACA has help 800,000 people work without the fear of deportation. We will continue to #defendDACA. Nancy testified in front of Chicago City Council on a DACA and DREAM Act resolution.

Hello, my name is Nancy.

I'm with the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council.

I found out I was undocumented when I was six years old. My dad moved to Chicago to have a better life. My mom and I followed a year later.

I have two younger brothers who are U.S. citizens. I have seen the difference first hand in the kinds of opportunities they have compared to the options I have. My brothers are eligible for financial aid and scholarships. Before I applied for DACA, I didn't have these opportunities.

After President Obama initiated this program, I felt hopeful that one day I will finally meet my grandparents. I felt hopeful that my parents and I would never have to suffer like the day my uncle passed away and we were able to say goodbye.

I want thank City Council for introducing these important resolutions to urge Congress to protect DACA and pass a clean Dream Act bill to ensure that immigrants are able to stay in this country.

We need to pass the Dream Act but cannot allow more funding for ICE, inhumane detention centers, and a border wall. We cannot allow that to happen.

Every person deserves to lie with respect and dignity. Every person must have the opportunity to reach their potential without fear of deportation.

In addition to supporting DACA and the passage of the Dream Act, I hope this City Council can also support finding new revenue for our public schools. Our public schools are places where so many undocumented students learn, grown, and seek comfort during these difficult times.

Undocumented students need fully funded. We need a clean Dream Act, and we need to have a stronger Welcoming City Ordinance that protects all immigrants.

Thank you for your time.

Help us protect DACA recipients. Email Idalia at and let her know you are ready to #defendDACA

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