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How to pay for DACA renewal?

DACA is under attack. Since 2012, DACA has help 800,000 people work without the fear of deportation. We will continue to #defendDACA.

The Trump administration's decision on DACA has causes DACA recipients with a sudden financial hardship. Are you having trouble paying for your DACA renewal? ICIRR created a handy list of organizations that provides Illinois DACA recipients assistance in paying the USCIS fee of $495 to renew DACA.

Mission Asset Funds has secured funding to cover every DACA renewal in the U.S. for free. DACA recipients can apply at MAF will send a check already written out to USCIS for payment of DACA renewal. "This is not a loan and no one will be asked to pay the money back. "

View the list at ICIRR's website for more information. Protection for All Movement is hosting a happy hour fundraiser for DACA recipients at La Taberna this Tuesday, September 19. Can't make it? Donate online!

​Do you know of any other DACA resources we should share? Email us today!

Help us protect DACA recipients. Email Idalia at, and let her know you are ready to #defendDACA

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