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Ulises' Story #defendDACA

DACA is under attack. Since 2012, DACA has help 800,000 people work without the fear of deportation. We will continue to #defendDACA. Ulises is a youth leader at BPNC and he’s #HereToStay.

Undocumented and unafraid

I have lived in this country for the last twelve years. I finally applied for DACA this year. I am very grateful that President Obama gave young people like me the opportunity go to school and work.

When I was five years old, I didn’t have a choice in whether I could stay in my small, impoverished town in Mexico or go to a thriving city like Chicago. I just wanted to see my dad again. I am very grateful that my mom was brave enough to take me and my two older brothers across the border for a better life not only for her, but for us. She had to leave school when she was in third grade to work in the strawberry fields and that is a job that she didn’t want me or my brothers to have. Ever since we got to Chicago, I have realized more and more how easier I have it here than the kids at my old town. These realizations have motivated me to be the person my parents want me to become and DACA offers much help. I plan on going to a four year college and getting a degree. With DACA, I can get a Social Security number which helps me get a job to save up for tuition. Most importantly, DACA protects me from deportation. Getting deported is one of my biggest fears. In these last 12 years, I have adapted to American culture and become more fluent in English than my native Spanish. In other words, I am more “American” than I am “Mexican”. I would feel like a foreigner if had to go back to Mexico. This is why DACA is great for people like me, many others my age would feel the same way about getting deported. I believe DACA should not only be available for immigrants like me, but all immigrants who come for a better future. President Trump just can’t end a program like DACA just because he believes it’s dangerous (which has been proved that it is not). It is the best path for undocumented youth like me who just want an opportunity to achieve the American Dream. Ending DACA would just further prove that Trump is not supportive of any marginalized groups in the U.S. It will show to us that the administration does not care about all the positive solutions DACA offers to the U.S.

Help us protect DACA. Email Idalia at, and let her know you are ready to #defendDACA. Idalia will keep you posted

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