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The First Step to a Welcoming IL

Juan is a BPNC youth leader.

Trust Act #WelcomingIL

The Trust Act is important to me because this is the land of the free. Honestly, for our Latino community, there’s a restricted freedom. I believe we all deserve a safe sanctuary. The Trust Act will give communities that peace of mind we deserve. The Trust Act separates the criminal justice system from ICE.

I know people who are undocumented. They live in fear because of the system’s toxic ways. Many of these people are hard working parents and students. We claim to be fair, judgement-free and most of all the greatest country, yet we can’t protect those who contribute to our country’s greatness.

Now that Gov. Rauner finally signed the Trust Act, our communities will no longer live in fear! They will no longer fear driving in the streets, fear being stopped or detained by ICE, or even fear of applying to certain jobs. But worst of all is fear of not knowing who to trust like law enforcement.

But this is only the beginning. Thank you, BPNC and the 85+ organizations who fought hard for the Trust Act and will continue to fight for immigrant rights. We call on you to get involved and join a community organization to join us on this fight for equality. Email Idalia at if you want to get involved with immigration.

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