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A day at Shields Middle Summer Camp

Our morning begin with a delicious breakfast provide Ms. Diana, Ms. Renee, and Ms. Linda. The students in our programs are 8 months to 11 years old. Parents also participate in summer programming. After adult fitness class ends, parents have fun create arts and crafts projects.

Everyone needs time for themselves to workout and think. We know it's important to stay fit. 5th through 8th graders prepare to go enjoy the beautiful morning playing kickball, softball, volleyball, and overall free time outdoors.

Some youth stay indoors and read some interesting novels or even write their own stories! Students also spend some time solving math problems. Our teacher Ms. Ferro and Mr. Mendez have been working with us to help make learning fun!

Science and curiosity is important. We come inside and enjoy experimenting with plants. We ask questions like “How much do I water plants?” We also make feeders for our birds.

Art is also very fun! We use foam and paint to create art pieces. It’s really cool to use materials like food coloring and shaving cream to make a great artwork.

Our youth spend time bonding with friends. Some of us go home at 12:30 p.m. and some of us stay to learn MMA at Shields Middle! Friday is relaxing day for our moms.

Our youth learn, have fun, and spend time with their friends every day in summer camps at Shields Middle. I am happy that our students have a safe and fun place to enjoy their summer.

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