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Summer Camp at Shields Elementary

It’s been a busy summer at Shields Elementary Summer Camp.

In the mornings, we are artists, scientists, athletes, and online authors. We create slime and build rockets to test how far they can fly.

We delve into our creativity. We channel our inner Frida Kahlo and created self-portraits using chalk pastel. We are currently busy making piñatas from scratch! We become authors who create a narrative story online.

We strive to be healthy and fit. And rise to our competitive spirit. We create teams and host mini competitions. In the afternoon, we are soccer players, dancers, runners, and even computer experts. We play soccer indoors and outdoors during those nice, breezy days).

We work to improve our running pace and attempt to break personal records. We are dancers. Dance class at Shields Elementary summer camp includes folkloric dancing, salsa, bachata, and hip hop.

We enhance our vocabulary. We further our reading comprehensive skills during our reading sessions. Mathematics is equally important at Shields Elementary Summer Camp. We learn, practice and master our multiplication tables so we too can become multiplication ninjas.

Summer has been very fun and productive for us here at Shields Elementary!

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