DREAM Scholarship Spotlight

Josani is one of the DREAM 2017 Scholarship recipient. She is a graduate of Kelly High School. Learn a few things about Josani!

What university are you attending?

I am attending to North Park University

What is the field of study you want to pursue?

I want to pursue Nursing as my major.

Why is it important for Latinas to attend college?

Statistics show that Latino students like myself do not really make it to college. According to College Degree, “gap grows wider between whites, blacks and Latinos.” Only 23% percent of Latinos graduate from college and have a financially-stable job.

It’s important for Latinas to attend to college because we want to demonstrate that being Latina is not an obstacle to graduating college and accomplishing a dream. We have the same potential as other young adults. As a Latina, it’s also important to attend to college because we want to succeed, we want to be able to accomplish our goals as well as other people. We want to be an inspiration for other Latinas to achieve their goals and never give up. Everything is possible in this world.

Who inspires you and why?