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Safe Passage May 2017 Highlights

As the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council concludes yet another successful year of the Safe Passage Program, they now set their sights in preparation toward the rapidly approaching 2017-2018 CPS School Year. ​​

With warm summer days looming around the corner and the streets of Chicago continuing to suffer an ever-increasing spike in violence that continues to ravish Black and Latino communities alike; BPNC Community Watchers have decided not to remain idly-by this summer and have instead decided to continue their proactive efforts in their respective communities of Brighton Park, Back of the Yards, and Gage Park. This on top of the city’s violence continuing to be on track to surpass last year’s alarming and unsettling record-setting murder rate.

BPNC Safe Passage community leaders understand the impact of effective civic engagement (and lack thereof) in their community; and also comprehend how these efforts have a direct effect on the soaring rate of violence. In the course of this school year Safe Passage has been significantly involved in all matters concerning the violence prevention efforts including, but not limited to: reporting crimes and suspicious activity, attending the local CAPS meetings, Community Public Meetings, Meetings with the Alderman, and fighting on the legislative front for equitable funding toward neighborhood Schools (both at the city and state Level).

This summer they aim to continue their community social bonding efforts as a means of creating more unified and cohesive neighborhoods. They hope to accomplish this through Civic Engagement through the seven PlayStreets events BPNC will host over the summer, which aim to provide safe spaces for community youth to come together and play. Safe Passage workers see this as an effective opportunity for community outreach and network building with residents as means of establishing and engaging a unified coalition (consisting mostly of community leaders, community youth, program supporters, and Safe Passage Community Watchers) to better combat this violence epidemic.

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