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What's a Restorative Justice Case Manager?

The Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) program provides mentorship, restorative justice practices, and trauma-informed counseling and case management to 80 at-risk 13-19 year olds at Kelly High School, Shields Middle School, and Davis Elementary.

My name is Fabian Dominguez. I have been working with BPNC for 7 months as a school-based Restorative Justice Case Manager at Kelly High School.

Fabian FDominguez restorative justice case manager CPS leaders of tomorrow

I work with a caseload of 30 at-risk students. We meet twice a week to discuss behavioral, attendance, and violence reduction goals. I also help facilitate leadership and anger-management reduction support groups.

I love what I do because it keeps me young. Just kidding. The moments of connection and transformation is what makes me love what I do. There are moments in my work were two students who normally do not socialize find common ground. The students find a common connection. They realize they are not as different as they thought. They share a similar story and that moment never seizes to amaze me.

Through months of hard work, both the student and I start to better understand each other. Ultimately, the goal is not a change a student. Our goal is to transform the way students think and the method they solve problems. It is a magical moment when that transformation happens.

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