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How to Improve a Student's Behavior in CPS

Benjamin Mendoza leaders of tomorrow restorative justice case manager

The Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) program provides mentorship, restorative justice practices, and trauma-informed counseling and case management to 80 at-risk 13-19 year olds at Kelly High School, Shields Middle School, and Davis Elementary.

My name is Benjamin Mendoza. I am a school-based Restorative Justice Case Manager at Kelly High School.

I meet with at-risk students at least twice a week and shadow them during critical moments in the school day. I participate in disciplinary reviews of the students during the school year. I develop and implement group support activities for students that build a positive self-esteem and engage families of students. I create truancy reduction activities that engage students and families in case management and support like public benefit assistance, emergency funds, housing supports, and referrals for additional services. Families must have financial support to remove barriers to student's participation in the program. I enroll students in positive afterschool programs and services provided by BPNC or the school.

I love what I do because social service is a passion of mine. I feel like this profession allows us to make positive changes in our community.

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