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What's a Resource Coordinator?

​​My name is Alondra Acuña. I have been the Resource Coordinator (R.C) at Nathan S. Davis ​​Elementary School in Brighton Park for the last three years. I am passionate about improving our education system and bringing educational equity to all schools no matter what neighborhood they are in.

Through the 21st Century grant, the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council can fully fund afterschool program for students, as well as leadership programs for parents at Davis Elementary School. In my role as an R.C, I can provide direct support to the school by working with administration, teachers, parents and connect with students to improve their academic success. Every day, I diligently work alongside teachers and staff.

We serve 3rd to 8th grade students with academic and enrichment programs. My role as a resource coordinator is tremendously valuable, as it serves as a bridge between the community and the school.

It is so important to be able to support our neighborhood schools as we have experience an increase in budget cuts and violence in the last few years. Along with my students and community members, I too, worry about the safety of my school, students, and neighborhood.

Please support afterschool programs and full-service community schools. Donate to BPNC's school-based programs today!

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