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Davis Elementary Students Advocate for More Funding at City Hall

*Editor's Note: Chance the Rapper announced on March 10th, 2017 that Davis Elementary will be one of the ten schools to receive $10,000.

I am Alondra Acuña, a Resource Coordinator (R.C) at Nathan S. Davis Elementary School in Brighton Park.

Two of our Davis 8th grade students had the opportunity to join BPNC and personally deliver over 300 student letters from Brighton Park neighborhood schools wrote to Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the aldermen after not being able to testify at the Budget Committee meeting at City Hall. They were not able to read their letters which urged the aldermen to pressure Mayor Emanuel to stop cutting after school programs and laying off teachers. Students understand the importance of being at City Hall and representing all the students who have witnessed major budget cuts in their schools which in turn has spiked violence in their community.

Although they were not able to read their letters, they left feeling empowered and honored knowing that their voices were heard, that their letters made it to the mayor’s staff and that they made a difference in their community and school. CPS soon after announced $15M dollars would be going back to the schools. The fight to fund our schools is not over but it is a good start in the right