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Why We Wore Black on Tuesday #NoBanNoWall

My name is Andrea Ortiz, and I am a Youth Organizer at BPNC.

I’ve been living in Brighton Park for 22 years. I’ve always noticed the inequalities that my community faces. This is why youth organizing is so important to me. It allows me the opportunity to interact with children and teens that continue to suffer from the same inequalities as I did. My goal as a youth organizer is to engage students in the issues that are affecting our communities and to teach them the skills and confidence to become leaders.

The “Wear Black on Tuesday” event was a great way to motivate students to speak out against the immigration policies Pres. Trump has implemented.

Student Voice Committee (SVC) at Curie High School demonstrated the passion and motivation to raise awareness towards this issue. This event would also allow the students to see how much of an impact their voices make when they work together.

It is empowering to see the pride students took seeing the impact the event had. The event was so influential that students from other schools began to participate and

share their photos on social media.

Below are a few words from Curie High School student, Karina Martinez.