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Our Issues

In order to realize our vision for an equitable distribution of resources that guarantees every family's right to a thriving, safe community, where they are treated with dignity and respect, we believe in building power and lifting up the voices of youth, the undocumented, people of color, and other marginalized identities that too often are silenced.

BPNC leaders engage in grassroots, inter-generational racial and economic justice policy change campaigns at the city, state and national level. BPNC works collaboratively with other local community organizations, unions and religious groups to achieve our goals.


Every family deserves a fully funded, high quality neighborhood public school that is accountable to the community.


Collaborative for Community Wellness

Improving Access to Affordable Health Care and Mental Health Services 

Immigration + Racial Justice

Economic Justice

We fight for a living wage and progressive revenue solutions  

Fight for $15

Violence Prevention

In order to ensure real safety in our community, we need investment in jobs, schools, mental health and other social services

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