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Mental Health Counseling

The serious lack of mental health resources for students and families in Brighton Park continues to serve as one of the most pressing concerns of our neighborhood schools.  Many students suffer from trauma as a result of violence in the community and homes, resulting in behavior issues and an inability to succeed in school.  Schools are currently ill-equipped to meet the special needs of students who face mental illness issues.  


BPNC is currently providing five of our community school partners with mental health service providers.  We strive to integrate mental health services into the disciplinary infrastructure at each school, especially:  behavioral modification, anti-bullying initiatives, and positive decision-making skill building groups


This effort represents a significant victory in our ability to fully meet the needs of community youth and families.  By integrating School-Based Mental Health services with our FSCSI, we are developing strategies to further transform participants into community leaders who effectively advocate for themselves and their community.

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