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(Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program)

BPNC’s partnership with the Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County, Inc. (CEDA) allow us to provide a variety of assistance programs for low income households to preserve their energy services.





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Other Programs

  Share The Warmth

                   Assistance with Peoples Gas service   


                     Eligibility Criteria:

                        -Current picture ID for the customer of  record

                        -Current 30 day income for ALL household members

                        -Current Peoples Gas bill


                   MUST have past due balance over $100



  Weatherization (IHWAP)

                 A program to help low income residents save energy and money in their homes         


                   Eligibility Criteria:

                       -Proof of homeownership                                                  

                       -Current electric/gas bill                                                       

                       -Hard copy of social security cards for all household members                                              

                       -Proof of gross income for ALL household members age years and older for the past 30 days                       


Furnace Assistance

                 A program that offers free assistance to low income households to repair or replace their                               furnace unit.                    


                   Eligibility Criteria:

                       -Social security cards for ALL household members

                       -Current electric/gas bill

                       -Current 30 day income for ALL household members

                       -Proof of property ownership

                       -Building owner certification /Work Authorization form

                       -Furnace pre-screen questionnaire form

                       -Heating system must not be working or not fully functional

Contact: Veronica Villasenor,

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