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In an effort to limit social contact and the spread of COVID-19, the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council will close our offices and begin working remotely starting Monday, 3/16, until further notice. BPNC will pause all current public benefits enrollment and housing counseling services during this period. As per the closure of CPS, all programming at our partner schools will be suspended. CPS schools will become food distribution centers from 9am-1pm daily. Families will be able to pick up 3 days worth of meals outside of their neighborhood schools.

As an organization that works directly with residents, we recognize the important role we play in limiting the transmission of COVID-19 and protecting our communities from this virus.

We recommend taking precautions to avoid the spread, including limiting social contact, washing hands for 20 seconds with soap and water, frequently disinfecting surfaces, and staying home when sick.

We will post on our platforms as important information becomes available. If you have any questions, or need more information, please call (773) 523-7110 or email: or Liliana Almazán at

Everyone please be safe. Thank you for your patience through this difficult time.


UPDATE 04/09/2020:

Our offices may be closed, but we have been working hard to try and meet the needs of our community. 

Our Public Benefits Department is still accepting clients for assistance with Medicaid and SNAP.  If anyone is seeking help with Medicaid or SNAP, please reach out to Vanessa Valdez or Liliana Alamazan. 


BPNC will be assisting through phone appointments. Set up an appointment with Vanessa Valdez and Liliana Alamazan who will take you through the process of applications and renewals. 


Call our office at (773) 523-7110, email Vanessa Valdes or Liliana Alamazan at

While our office transitioned to remote work on March 17, our Financial Services Department is still working with the community to ensure residents have access to housing assistance and financial counseling.


Chicago’s communities of color are disproportionately impacted by
economic hardship, and anecdotal reports indicate that the current pandemic has accentuated existing inequities. Recognizing the urgency to understand and respond to these resource needs, Brighton Park Neighborhood Council (BPNC) undertook a systematic community needs assessment of BPNC program participants. 


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