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Safe Passage and Parent Patrol

Safe Passage:

Safe Passage is designed to provide safe routes for students in order to increase attendance, decrease violent incidents involving CPS students, and increase student perception of safety traveling to and from school.  Community watchers are posted in "hotspots" around the schools 5 hours per school day.   Watchers are responsible to report suspicious activity to 911 and Student Safety Center.  Back in 2011, BPNC started with 10 community watchers at Kelly High School  The program has been able to expand to schools in Gage Park and Back of the Yards with a total of 53 community watchers.  

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Volunteer Parent Patrol:

Parent Patrol volunteers goal is to create a safe and secure passage for CPS students on their way to and from school in schools of Brighton Park. Every day, these parents wear bright yellow vests in order to patrol a four-block area around these Brighton Park schools. Parent Patrol works closely with each school’s administration to ensure this goal is met.  We have over 100 + parent volunteers to help keep entry and dismissal times safe for students.  

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