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Fight for $15

We believe that anyone that is working should not be living in poverty. The FF15 is an intersectional struggle for worker, immigrant and racial justice, that includes raising the minimum wage and the right to a union. We are building power for workers and justice for those that deserve it.


BPNC co-founded the Raise Chicago Coalition with Action Now and SEIU HCII.  We successfully organized a campaign to increase the minimum wage in Chicago to $13/hour. This increase began in July of 2015.


In 2014, BPNC worked with SEIU HCII, Heartland Alliance, Action Now, the Grassroots Collaborative, and other organizations to form the Raise Illinois Coalition. Through this coalition, we introduced legislation in the General Assembly and Senate to increase the minimum wage in Illinois to $10/hour. Additionally, we organized a statewide referendum campaign which won 63.74% of the vote statewide. We registered almost 6,456 new voters in southwest Chicago, knocked on 11,556 doors and engaged 2,123 voters at the door.  

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