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Goals and Strategies

Education Committee

Bold Goal: Increase the percentage of students in 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 9th grades at BPNN partner schools
who end the year "on track."

Outcome Metrics:

% of 9th grade students on track to graduate
% of 3rd, 6th and 8th graders on-track

• After school programs
• Summer Programs
• Early Childhood Education

• Mental Health Counseling
• College Mentor Program
• Parent Leadership Development


  • Through our collective efforts, the Freshman on Track rate reached 80.4%. 

  • We provided mental health counseling to 159 students, of whom 81% attained one of their treatment goals.

  • 1,958 students participated in after school programs, of whom 52% demonstrated improved academic achievement.

  • 69 parent mentors supported students and teachers at our neighborhood schools.

  • We supported 45 students in accessing college or other certificate programs.

  • 1,191 students participated in early childhood education services.

Financial Stability Committee

Bold Goal: Increase access to life-sustaining jobs and ensure that Brighton Park residents have the resources to build assets and reach financial stability.

Outcome Metrics:

# with an improved credit

# of individuals with bank accounts or utilizing affordable banking products
# of tax returns prepared
#% with reduced debt
#% with increased savings

• Financial Coaching
• Free Tax Preparation
• Housing Counseling

• Comprehensive Case Management for families who
are homeless or at risk of homelessness
• Job Counseling and Career Support Services


  • We offered free tax preparation for 294 residents, helping them to access $657,130 in returns.

  • We provided over $.12 million in emergency financial assistance to more than 850 families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • 134 families participated in comprehensive case management services, of whom
    96% obtained safe and stable housing.

  • We provided housing counseling to 128 families.

  • 129 individuals received job counseling and career support services, of whom 36 were connected to workforce development opportunities and 33 were connected to full or part-time employment.

Public Safety Committee

Bold Goal: Decrease violence and abuse (physical, verbal, emotional) in our families and neighborhood by 60%. We will achieve this through parenting groups, case management work, and increasing
employment and educational opportunities.

Outcome Metrics:

# of incidents of domestic violence
# of violent incidents in Brighton Park
# of students who drop out of Kelly College Preparatory

• Domestic Violence Counseling
• Youth Leadership Development
• Parent Support Services
• Safe Passage Program

• Street Outreach & Mentoring Program
• Restorative Justice Case Management
• Trauma and Restorative Justice Trainings for teachers and parents


  • We increased access to counseling services for domestic violence survivors, serving a total of 80 individuals.

  • A total of 90 parents from local neighborhood schools participated in psychoeducational workshops.

  • 34 youth participated in services through our street outreach and mentoring
    program, of whom 75% demonstrated a reduction in risk factors or an increase in
    protective factors.

  • We provided 75 young people with summer jobs, of whom 97%
    successfully completed the employment program.

  • A combined total of 179 safe passage workers and volunteer parent patrollers contributed to the safety of our community.

Health Committee

Bold Goal: Improve the physical health and emotional wellness of community residents. We will do this by increasing access to and use of preventative health care services and mental health services.

Outcome Metrics:

# of people rating their health as very good or excellent
# who go for annual check up
# who consume 5 fruits/vegetables daily
# of hours of physical activity per week
# who say they do not know where to go for mental health services
# of referrals tracked through mental health system

• Health Education Workshops
• Cooking Demonstrations
• Exercise Classes

• Public Benefits Enrollment
• Community-Based Mental Health Services


  • Almost two thirds (65.7%) of surveyed adults rated their health as good, very good, or excellent through our annual community survey.

  • We served 7,409 individuals through virtual health education workshops and
    10,022 individuals through online cooking demonstrations.

  • We provided free, bilingual mental health services to 67 adults.

  • Our free virtual exercise classes reached a total of 22,421 adults.

  • We enrolled 223 new people in healthcare insurance.

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