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Key Issue Areas

BPNN Education Committee Meeting Feb 202

Violence Prevention and Public Safety

The BPNN Public Safety Committee focuses on facilitating access to social and emotional supportive services among Brighton Park youth and families, in order to prevent incidents of family and community violence. We recognize that when supportive services are not available to individuals who have witnessed or directly experienced violent acts, untreated trauma may perpetuate ongoing cycles of violence.


Our coalition thus aims to interrupt cycles of violence by promoting opportunities for individual, familial, and collective healing. With the bold goal of decreasing violence and abuse in our families and neighborhood by 60%, our Public Safety Committee members focus their efforts on the following initiatives:

  • Providing counseling services to individuals and families who have been impacted by domestic violence

  • Delivering psychoeducational workshops focused on preventing family violence and abuse for Brighton Park students, parents, and staff at neighborhood public schools

  • Creating a safe passage for children and youth traveling to and from school

  • Offering mentoring services, employment support, and leadership development opportunities for neighborhood youth

  • Advocating for the creation of safe spaces for youth to take part in enrichment and socialization activities

BPNN Financial Stability Committee meeti

Financial Stability

The BPNN Financial Stability Committee focuses on connecting Brighton Park residents with
the resources necessary to enhance their economic well-being. Recognizing that our community
is disproportionately impacted by economic hardship, we aim to facilitate access to financial
support and life-sustaining employment opportunities that will allow community members to

build the assets that they need to thrive. Driven by this goal, our Financial Stability Committee
focuses on the following initiatives:

  • Providing comprehensive case management, financial coaching, housing counseling, and free tax preparation services to families who are experiencing economic hardship

  • Connecting community residents to workforce development and employment opportunities

  • Supporting students in advancing their educational and career goals

  • Expanding workforce development programming in accordance with identified community needs

BPNN Coalition Meeting January 2020.jpg


Led by our local neighborhood public schools and educational partners, the BPNN Education Committee leverages existing community partnerships to promote academic success among Brighton Park students. Recognizing that youth’s academic achievement is integrally connected to their psychosocial needs, our work is grounded in a community school model that positions public schools as hubs where students, families, and the community at large can access a range of resources that promote their holistic well-being. In accordance with this community school model, our Education Committee focuses on the following initiatives:

  • Providing after-school and summer enrichment and academic support programming for Brighton Park students and families

  • Offering social-emotional support to Brighton Park students through school-based counseling and case management services

  • Facilitating opportunities for parent leadership and engagement

  • Expanding access to early childhood education services

Healthy Back to School fair Sep 2020.jpg


Spearheaded by the efforts of our promotoras de salud (health promoters) and local healthcare providers, the BPNN Health Committee promotes the physical and emotional wellness of Brighton Park residents. Recognizing that community members face barriers to accessing health promoting resources due to factors including immigration status and lack of insurance coverage, the BPNN Health Committee aims to address these barriers to ensure that medical and mental health services are affordable and accessible to individuals and families in our neighborhood. Grounded in our commitment to increasing access to and use of health care and mental health services, our Health Committee focuses on the following initiatives:

  • Advocating for local, state, and national policies that expand access to insurance coverage, regardless of immigration status

  • Campaigning for increased public investment in free, long-term mental health services in the city of Chicago

  • Connecting community members to existing healthcare resources

  • Expanding the mental health service infrastructure within our neighborhood

  • Promoting healthy lifestyles by offering health workshops, cooking demonstrations, and exercise classes for Brighton Park residents

Interested in joining a committee?

Our BPNN Committees for each key issue area meet once every other month to coordinate our efforts and discuss progress toward our ongoing initiatives. Please visit our Get Involved page to view the details of our upcoming meetings. If you are interested in joining one of our Committees, please email Sara Reschly at

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