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Employee Spotlight: Meet Lynda

Learn about our new and veteran employees through this new employee spotlight series! Lynda is our college retention specialist at Kelly High School. Learn more about Lynda! In this position, I assist the postsecondary team at Kelly High School with college and career development. I also run a program called Escalera, which is part of a national curriculum with UnidosUs. The program follows a cohort model, so I work with students for the two years before their high school graduation. In addition to Escalera, I co-facilitate the Student Voice Committee, a program meant to engage Kelly students in identifying issues in their school community and developing solutions collectively. How did you h

Meet Maria from Connecting Families

I had a rewarding experience with working with Connecting Families. I enjoyed being able to help my community and get the word out that there is an organization that can help community members with problems they might have, for example immigration, and to connect them with resources that will help them. More people were willing to get involved and get more united as a community because of the workshops we held in Brighton Park. While doing the surveys, I realized that many people worried about their youth going into the right path. Also, I noticed that some of the community members aren’t very well informed about what is going on in the world that affects them. They either don’t take the tim

Statement on the Mayor’s Budget Address

Today, Mayor Rahm Emanuel presented his 2018 budget that continues to deceive the public and the City Council about revenue this city is collecting through TIFs. Mayor Emanuel’s budget demonstrates his misplaced priorities. He has prioritized every city expense over funding for Chicago Public Schools. The mayor must use TIFs to fund our schools. Under Mayor Emmanuel, schools are struggling to provide the most basic services. The mayor has cut school budgets, special education services, social workers, trauma programs, nurses, and is now proposing another devastating round of school closures in Black and Brown communities. Our schools have suffered over $500 million in budget cuts in the past

Employee Spotlight: Meet Johannil

Learn about our new and veteran employees through the employee spotlight series! Johannil is our new school-based mental health counselor at Brighton Park Elementary. Learn more about Johannil! I first learned about Brighton Park Neighborhood Council via the BPNC website. I was impressed by the organization's work around mental health and social justice so I decided to apply! Fun Fact: I'm from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I love to dance and make art. Favorite Chicago activity: I love to run near the lake. Life-changing book: Year of Yes by Shonda Rimes Artist you would you recommend to your coworkers: Sade Favorite Cities: Santo Domingo, DR., Los Angeles, CA., and Malibu, CA What is

Celebrating National Coming Out Day at Kelly High School

Peter is a BPNC college mentor at Kelly High School. Learn more about our Full Service Community Schools Initiative! We commemorated National Coming Out Day and the March on Washington in 1987 for lesbian and gay rights at Kelly High School. We decided to work with Kelly High School to bring awareness to this day as a reminder that representation of diversity is important. Everyone is different in a way but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't have same rights just like everybody else. As students, teacher, staff, community members, allies, etc. we should all be able to feel safe and a sense of belonging no matter who we are. This is why we decided to create a banner to show the love and supp

Employee Spotlight: Meet Eva

Learn about our new and veteran employees through this new employee spotlight series! Up first is Eva Ruiz. Eva is our new intake specialist/outreach staffer. Get to know more about Eva! I was a parent mentor at Brighton Park Elementary School when I heard about a job opening in the Financial Services department. I am the triage person for clients looking for assistance with their mortgage payments, considering to buy a house, and wanting to improve their finances and credit. Favorite sports team: I cheer for the Blackhawks and the Mexico’s national soccer team. Favorite Chicago activity: Architectural boat tours, the haunted boat tour is coming up soon! Life-changing book: Cien años de sole

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