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Ulises' Story #defendDACA

DACA is under attack. Since 2012, DACA has help 800,000 people work without the fear of deportation. We will continue to #defendDACA. Ulises is a youth leader at BPNC and he’s #HereToStay. I have lived in this country for the last twelve years. I finally applied for DACA this year. I am very grateful that President Obama gave young people like me the opportunity go to school and work. When I was five years old, I didn’t have a choice in whether I could stay in my small, impoverished town in Mexico or go to a thriving city like Chicago. I just wanted to see my dad again. I am very grateful that my mom was brave enough to take me and my two older brothers across the border for a better life

What's the TRUST Act?

Gov. Rauner has finally signed the TRUST Act, but there are still some confusion over the Trust Act. Everyone should feel safe in their communities. Today, the Illinois TRUST Act was signed into law, creating a clear line between local law enforcement and federal immigration agents, making all residents safer. Learn more about the TRUST Act and a #WelcomingIL in this infographic! Thank you ICIRR for creating this infographic about the Trust Act for the Welcoming IL campaign! Do you want to join our immigration efforts? Email Idalia at to get involved today!

The First Step to a Welcoming IL

Juan is a BPNC youth leader. The Trust Act is important to me because this is the land of the free. Honestly, for our Latino community, there’s a restricted freedom. I believe we all deserve a safe sanctuary. The Trust Act will give communities that peace of mind we deserve. The Trust Act separates the criminal justice system from ICE. I know people who are undocumented. They live in fear because of the system’s toxic ways. Many of these people are hard working parents and students. We claim to be fair, judgement-free and most of all the greatest country, yet we can’t protect those who contribute to our country’s greatness. Now that Gov. Rauner finally signed the Trust Act, our communities w

A Summer of Youth Employment

As the summer winds down and students prepare to return to school, 70 youth workers from Brighton Park and the surrounding area are closing out their summer jobs with the One Summer Chicago program (OSC) and BPNC. Placed at various sites throughout the southwest side, BPNC’s youth workers got a taste of what a career in various fields could look like. Youth interested in the health field were placed at sites such as the Brighton Park Animal Hospital or the Esperanza Health Clinic. Other students interested in education were placed at one of the various schools in Brighton Park such as Shields Middle or Davis Elementary. Some of our upperclassmen or high school graduates even got a chance to

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