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Getting Used to the Failure

Jennifer Nava, Stephanie Carrasco, Maria Martinez, and Francisco Flores have been enrolled in public schools in the South Side of Chicago their entire lives. Attending Nathan Davis Elementary School, Curie Metropolitan High School, Hancock High School, and Kelly High School respectively, all four students are members of the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council (BPNC), a grassroots organization in the predominantly Latinx Brighton Park district. The teens have spent much of their young lives organizing, protesting, and speaking, with BPNC’s help, on behalf of the neighborhood schools they attend. And as a new administration proposes radical changes to the public school landscape, all four are

What's a Resource Coordinator?

​​My name is Alondra Acuña. I have been the Resource Coordinator (R.C) at Nathan S. Davis ​​Elementary School in Brighton Park for the last three years. I am passionate about improving our education system and bringing educational equity to all schools no matter what neighborhood they are in. Through the 21st Century grant, the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council can fully fund afterschool program for students, as well as leadership programs for parents at Davis Elementary School. In my role as an R.C, I can provide direct support to the school by working with administration, teachers, parents and connect with students to improve their academic success. Every day, I diligently work alongside

Davis Elementary Students Advocate for More Funding at City Hall

*Editor's Note: Chance the Rapper announced on March 10th, 2017 that Davis Elementary will be one of the ten schools to receive $10,000. I am Alondra Acuña, a Resource Coordinator (R.C) at Nathan S. Davis Elementary School in Brighton Park. Two of our Davis 8th grade students had the opportunity to join BPNC and personally deliver over 300 student letters from Brighton Park neighborhood schools wrote to Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the aldermen after not being able to testify at the Budget Committee meeting at City Hall. They were not able to read their letters which urged the aldermen to pressure Mayor Emanuel to stop cutting after school programs and laying off teachers. Students understand the

Chicago school funding crisis exposes steady gutting of neighborhoods

Patrick Brosnan and the BPNC should have some credibility on these issues. A couple years ago, they warned that state budget cuts in violence prevention programs would reverse the reductions they had achieved in gun violence and gang participation. Indeed, DNAInfo reports that shootings in Brighton Park are up 300 percent over the past three years. It was BPNC that pushed Ald. Raymond Lopez (15th Ward) to introduce a budget amendment to spend leftover property tax rebate funds on violence prevention. Lopez withdrew the amendment –earning criticism from some fellow aldermen – after Emanuel agreed to establish a private $45 million anti-violence fund. Read Full Article *Photo Courtesy of Com

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