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BPNC Housing Counselor and Director of Financial Services a recorded show with CAN-TV with information on purchasing a home. Topics include pre-purchase, credit, housing and more. Please watch the video for more information. If you have any questions about the financial services that BPNC offers please contact us at (773) 523-7110.

Student March and Rally

Discover the reasons students from 5 CPS schools joined together for a march and rally in support of education equity, violence prevention a


Feature our very own, Anita Caballero, "We have young children at the age of 9 or 10 who are trying to recruit and be gang bangers, OK? The thing is this: we need that money for resources for our schools. Instead of trying to make downtown look so pretty with new trees and putting out new sidewalks and doing whatever he wants to do downtown with that money. That money could come back to us." Full Article

Aldermen want rebate leftovers spent on violence prevention

Report of the press release BPNC helped organize and attended. Many gathered together to present the city with alternative options for spending the $17 million unclaimed property taxes, primarily focusing on ending the increased violence plaguing the city. Click here for the full article

BPNC student speaks out at ICIRR Rally

BPNC student leader, Veronia, speaks at the Rally for Resistance, Unity and Respect organize by Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights and member organizations.

Student Voices of 2016

#1 Testimony by Evelyn Solis - Kelly High School graduate Hello and good afternoon, my name is Evelyn Solis. I am an alumni of Kelly high school and a freshman at loyola university. As a cps student I became very concerned about the lack of money our neighborhood schools get. I have been very active since i found out that a charter school was going to be built near my school. I joined other Kelly students to fight for my school because the Board of Education wouldn’t. When we lost, it made me realize that we have to keep on fighting. I started organizing and working with other students to continue to raise our voices against these injustices. I started going to board of ed meetings. I have

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