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ACA Public Benefit Enrollment/Health Insurance Enrollment

Through our UW-Health Grant, we lead the following at four schools:

        - Monthly workshops covering various health topics at our main schools which include: Burroughs,               Davis, Shields Middle, and Kelly High School

        - Weekly physical activities, include: Zumba at Davis every day for one hour and at Shields Middle it             is three times a week for one hour. At Burroughs, we have activities three times a week for one                     hour.

        - We also lead an annual health fair; usually it is at Kelly High School and we have on average of 350             participants, where families are getting the screenings and receive information on health providers           and the variety of different services. In addition our health promoters lead nutrition workshops on             increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, increasing physical activity, decreasing screen             time, and overall improving healthier lifestyle.

Through our UW-ACA grant:

       - We enroll individuals in health insurance; if they are eligible for Medicaid we enroll them in                        Medicaid if they are over the income guidelines we help them enroll through the Market Place                      where they can choose from health plans that best fit their needs.

Do you need to sign up for ACA enrollment? Contact our office or find the closest location to you today!

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